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Greta Thunberg witm

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is an internationally recognized Swedish environmental activist and is recognized in Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2019. She recently gained widespread media coverage for her powerful and moving speech at the UN’s Climate Action Summit the September, where she criticized world leaders for failing to take appropriate measures to reduce the effects of impending climate change.

Greta is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year and has become one of the many youths challenging accepted norms. In August 2018, Greta started her School Strike for The Climate, where she stood outside Sweden’s national legislature for two and a half weeks in the hottest summer in 262 years, to demand that Sweden follows the Paris Agreement. She gained traction through her social media accounts and now speaks to audiences around the globe.


Monica Kretschmer

Monica Kretschmer is an entrepreneur of many ventures that work on supporting, empowering, and encouraging women in the business world. In 2014 she launched Canadian Business Chicks - a woman's membership community where they partner with entrepreneurial professionals to provide women with resources, tools, support, and connections to grow. The following year, she created the Women of Inspiration event - to recognize impactful female role models and men who SupportHerTM.In 2017, Monica founded the nest foundation; an organization that aims to "transform the lives of woman and children who have overcome adversity". She aims to include and invite men to become gender-equal and diverse leaders, and to take part in the momentous conversation.