Housed in the Ted Rogers School of Management, Women in Information Technology Management (WITM) is a student group focused within the Business Technology Management (BTM) program. WITM is committed to the advancement of women with an interest to pursue a career in IT Management.
Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management offers a unique program, Business Technology Management. We are proud to be a part of BTM, which is the first of its kind in Canada. One of the most demanding needs in today’s business world is to bridge the gap between technology and business. BTM ensures that you are equipped with the theoretical and practical skills to advance and further develop today’s technologically-driven society. We find that the low ratio of women, compared to men in the IT field is very apparent when one glances at the students in the BTM program. The number of females is definitely increasing year by year, but is still low in comparison to males and this is reflective of the ratio in the industry as well. The low ratio is one of the greatest factors that continually discourages women to enter this field. The capabilities of females often get lost and unrecognized in such a largely male-dominated field and this is why we have established WITM since 2007.
As to how we plan on serving our student body, we believe the best way is through the following:

"To empower, encourage, and equip females in BTM with the necessary resources to broaden horizons, exceed expectations, and forge through industry barriers.”

We wish you the best this year, and hope you will enjoy the events we have planned for you!


What's Coming Up